Let’s hear from our Facebook Group members

Testimonials from the CPL Facebook group.

We are lucky to have a group in excess of 5400 members from across the world who are dedicated to helping their CPL horses. Let’s hear some of their experiences.

“This page has been a god send. Helped me out these last couple of days I’ve been following the guides, exercising regular and swapped his feed and his legs have gone down slightly [and they] are getting a little bit better each day.”
Page Harvey Mila, UK

Unfortunately Trooper has had 5 bouts of lymphangitis over 3 year period, mainly caused by Mites and chewing at his legs breaking the skin and as a consequence infections got in. After treatment for Lymphangitis, we started using Stable Bandage Workaround with amazing support from Rebecka Blenntoft and the SBW FB page. Applied every day when stabled bandaging supports the lymphatic leg, improves the condition of the skin and makes the leg much more comfortable. We are so lucky to have CPL Group, it can be quite daunting and worrying that you are doing the best for your horse, the guides and support group really provide the best and accurate information to help 🤩🤩🤩
Tracey Day, UK

“I learned that marigold and cleaver was good for my brabants CPL. And later the importance of taking breaks from it every 5 weeks. It has been a huge help to understand what is going on in the lymph system, and how to avoid it to get worse. That bandages created to increase blood flow in the legs, if not good for CPL horses. And the blood flow should only be Increased by exercise. In this picture, there is 1 year between the first and the last picture.”
Katrine Holm, Belgium

“This page has been a tremendous help with me and Bella. Bella was confirmed CPL back in June/July 2020 by my vet after Hannah had seen pictures.Bella before and after pictures to follow.Management changes were just the marigold and clever as she’s already on turn out 24/7 (track system) Replacement treats in her toys to thunderbrooks. Thank you Hannah for your continued support in every aspect 🥰
Debra Leighfield, UK

“When I got my first draft in 2018 I did the typical PPE like a good horse buyer does. The vet was on out of state one and not my own vet. The horse was full feather. Sold as a unpapered Drum, his feathers were super thick. He passed the ppe with flying colors. He arrived home 2 weeks and my vet examined him and noticed the sores. That began my journey to this page and CPL. My vet diagnosed him as lymphadema and said he would die of it. You can imagine what I was like. He was so sweet that we were hooked so no turning back. I happened upon this site and then the work began. I started on M&C and changed to Purina Ultium feed, timothy pellets and orchard round bale on slow feed net. He was in need of about 300# on his. He had lots of sores. At first we had to drug him to clip. Now he just stands. I clipped him for the spring and for the first time with a two sore and they were teeny. This page has been extremely helpful with creams and support from everyone. Most vets have no clue and know little about treatments so this team is really needed by so many.”
Meredith Kevins Scaccia, USA

“I can’t quite believe the transformation! This is this same leg over 6 days of either using stable bandage workaround when stabled or having 24 hours out in field with additional ridden work most days. I have not re measured as yet but visually there is a difference and the stretch and press tests are definately better!”
Michelle Knight, UK

“The Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses receives regular inquires about CPL, particularly regarding diagnosing CPL and managing it. We also have several permanent resident Friesians at the Foundation with CPL. This group has afforded us the opportunity to verify our standing course of treatment and management for CPL horses and has additionally provided excellent, unparalleled educational resources for us to share with the Friesian community. Unforunately, the veterinary community is not well versed in CPL and the Chronic Progressive Lymphodema (CPL) (Equine) Facebook Group has become a refuge for owners of CPL horses seeking knowledge backed by proven scientific research. We are so grateful for this group and the help it is providing countless horses battling CPL!”
Angie DePuydt
, US, Fenway Foundation.

“I am a fairly new member, have shires and live in Ohio. Heard about your site from a comment on another Facebook comment. It all makes so much sense now! I have really appreciated all of the knowledge and everything that I’ve learned so far!”
Mary Jones
, OH

Hi I’m in Norfolk UK. I was directed here from the mallanders site as I mentioned that my ponies legs were so big I couldn’t get a sausage boot to fit. I’d never heard of CPL before. This makes absolute sense now. I’ve used one spot for his mites and am attempting to remove hair. Can clip anywhere above the shoulder.”
Sarah Vicary, UK

I was recommended to you by a friend who has a Clydesdale mare. You were extremely helpful in correctly diagnosing my friend’s mare.”
Lynn Killeen, NJ

“Hi thanks for letting me join. This is Captain. 20yr old Irish cob and it’s looks like he might have cpl! Learnt loads already. This a great group. Got my cleavers and marigold ordered. Can’t wait for it to arrive and get it into his system.”
Claire Wilkinson, UK

“Mary and I had been battling scabby legs for almost 18 years before finding this group. Not only do we now understand that she’s got CPL and the things we can do to improve that condition. I’m also soooo much more knowledgeable about CPL, Mallenders & Sallenders, and mites – and how they all affect one another. With this knowledge we’ve been able to have the best year ever for treating and keeping her condition under control.”
Paige Hobart, UK

“My boy has just been diagnosed this week so finding all the posts and comments really useful… I was so upset when he was diagnosed but I feel a lot better now after joining this group and reading up on it”
Jenna Harland, UK

“This group with the help of Hannah Johnsen and many others has been a lifesaver for my boy! We purchased a 5 year old Gypsy Vanner back in September. During the PPE the vet found what to be scratches (of course this was misdiagnosed and was in fact a bad case of mallanders and I mentioned the folds to him and he said “it’s common for the draft breeds”)… of course I took the vets opinion because I thought they knew best.. November came along and our treatment never made anything better. A friend of mine referred me to this group and has changed EVERYTHING! We got his diets taken care of, got him on M&C, pulled shoes, etc. He was more of a rescue from the start as he was underweight, bad coat, broken mane and tail, and had been through 5 owners (we are the 6th) in his 5 years of life. We knew we needed to give him the best home for LIFE! He know he will forever be part of our family and is so much happier now! We’ve got him out of pain, put on nearly 300 lbs of weight, and he gets free range of 14 acres of beautiful pasture. I don’t know what I would do without this group and the amazing ladies behind it!! I am eternally grateful ❤️❤️❤️ we now have our mallanders under control and the folds have decreased in size so dramatically that we just have one crease nearing the pastern and no sores!”
Britta Wallner, US

“The knowledge in this group has been so valuable with dealing with my daughters mare bally. Marigolds and clevers has literally saved us .She is now due to have her feathers off again . We find for Bally the best way to keep her legs clear from sores in the winter is to let her feather grow but as soon as the warmer weather comes out it’s feathers off and bath/cream time .The tips in this group have touch wood helped her be mite free for the last two years and in medium/light work.”
Rachael Newick, UK

“This is my girls legs. In 3 days I’ve seen a improvement. Started marigold & cleavers, using cetraben cream & washing every few days. Hopefully she’ll keep improving.”
Lindsay Nugent, UK

My mare has suffered with CPL for 7 years with all the signs of this disease, without us knowing what was causing all her problems. Amber had a flare up in December 2020, not knowing where to turn I found this page by chance and it has truly changed my mare’s quality of life. Without this page my mare would still be suffering. I can’t thank Hannah and all the admin enough for all their hard work and dedication to this page and disease.”
Lauren Symes, UK

“I was plunged into panic buying a pony not knowing it had CPL, filled with regret. Joined the group and have felt like I have had my hand held since then. Avoiding the vet and bills because the advice is so effective. Thank you so much.”
Michelle Turnbull, UK

“I bought my Clydesdale mare in spring 2019 and I noticed that she would literally throw herself to the ground and chew her legs. I finally decided to clip her feathers one day and it looked like someone had put out cigarettes on her legs. She had so many open sores, I had never seen anything like it before. I started washing and treating them everyday until the sores finally healed. I just assumed it was from living in muddy conditions and didn’t think anything of it. This past fall I posted a pic of my horse in a Clydesdale owner fb group and someone mentioned she might have CPL and to join this group. My vet at the time said no, but Hannah and others confirmed that it was CPL. After that I dove into this group and all of the resources Hannah and Rebecka offer. The marigold and cleavers have helped so much, as well as consistent exercise. I’ve also spread the word to all of the other draft owners I know because it’s so important for us to be informed and have a strong support system like this one. I’m so grateful to be a member of this group!”
Ashley Z, NY

Huge huge thank you to this group!! Especially Hanna and Rebeckha 🥰🍀🙏🏻 Evolution of my boy over one year (discovered in August 2021). I’m going to be able to order [the] Equilymph boots 🤩🤩🤩 Big kisses to all from France!
Belwyn and Sophie

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